Thursday, April 22, 2010

Reason to always have Camera with you

I think people may wonder why I always carry my camera with me, this is the reason. You never know when a image will be waiting for you. This was taken this morning just outside of Coxsackie NY on my way into work. I have learned when you see great light and elements working together, stop and get the camera out and shoot because it may be there for only a few minutes.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hudson Wetland Panoramic

I had to go over to Columbia County this past weekend and on my way home I stopped to capture this multiple stitched panoramic of the large wetland just south of the city of Hudson NY.

Digital Multi Exposure

This is two exposures first in focus and second thrown out of focus.

This is four exposures focuses on four different depths of the flowers.

One of the things I like about the Nikon digital cameras is that they can actually do multiple exposures on a single digital frame. Here are two images that are multiple exposure images from the Nikon D700 camera.

More Lens Baby Images

I got out early this morning to make some images before breakfast. These are some of the images I did with my Lens Baby composer lens.

Greyhounds as Companions April Meet-n-Greet

The Greyhound as Companions held their April Meet-n-Greet today at Delmar Pet Supply, Leslie and I attended and I have just created image gallery of photos I took at the event. You can access this image gallery from the link below.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Infrared Panoramic

During this past week I took the D200 Infrared camera out and did a multiple image stitched panoramic photo. Image is made up of 8 images stitched together using Adobe Photoshop CS4.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring in Infrared

Fresh vegetation is the perfect subject for Infrared Photography. This past week I got out and did some shooting after a long period of not shooting. These images where taken with my Nikon D200 which I had converted over to Infrared by LifePixel. My D200 was converted to a Deep B&W IR filter so it will only produce B&W Infrared images.

Spring is Blooming

I have not been out shooting that much over the first part of this year, but this past weekend and did some shooting. After a winter of gray and no vegetative life things are coming back to life with leaves and flowers blooming giving the world new color for the year. These area few images from a flowering tree here in Athens, NY taken with my lensbaby lens system.

New HDR Processing software

I have been trying out some new High Dynamic Range (HDR) software, HDR Photostudio by Unified Color. Photomatix has always ben my main software for HDR work but I am finding HDR Photostudio to be great for doing HDR landscape work producing high dynamic range landscape image that does not have the HDR pushed look and has a feature that eliminates the halos between light/dark areas common in HDR images.

These are a few images tat I took this past weekend at Montgomery Place and processed through HDR Photostudio from three bracketed exposures (-2, 0, 2)