Sunday, September 26, 2010

Need a Wedding Photographer

I typically do not advertise my wedding photography on my web site, but if you have a wedding coming up and need of a photographer let me know. I think you find my rates very competitive. This is a image from wedding that I did earlier this year.

September 2010 Gallery

I have just created a image gallery of images taken during September 2010, you can access gallery from link below.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dangers of Hiking in Catskills

Two of my favorite locations to go and hike for photography in the Catskill Mountains are getting a lot of attention. These areas are the Kaaterskill and Platt Clove areas due to hikers falling and getting hurt or loosing their life. The local officials are asking NYSDEC to look into these locations and make recommendations or changes to the locations to help prevent future issues.

I do not want to see anyone get hurt, but I also don't want to see chain link fences or barricades in the nature area of the Catskills. Signage at trail heads is called for but we must know when we are going into locations we are not prepared for. When going into extreme locations we have to know our limits and not go into areas we are not prepared for.

The posting image is the Bridal Veil Falls in the Platt Clove, this is the view that everyone hikes into see. If you go there go slow and easy it is a short hike down a extremely steep slope to the 100 foot high ledge/cliff which I am standing on to take this photo. This view would not be the same when view thru a chain link fence.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

August 2010 Gallery

I have just uploaded image gallery of photos from August 2010 and you can access this gallery from the link below.