Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring Time in Vermont

I took a day's vacation last week and made a trip into Vermont, it was overcast day with light rain, perfect for waterfalls. I hit the Roaring Brook, Texas Falls, and Moss Glen Falls area. Could not get the typical Texas Falls image since the bridge down stream from the falls was taken out by flood in 2008 and the replacement bridge has not been completed yet. I have created a image gallery of images taken during my trip, gallery can be accessed from link below.

Claverack Motocross Races

I spent last Sunday at the Claverack Motocross Races testing my photographic talent at capturing the action. I have created five web galleries of the images I took and you can access these from the link below.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Dandelion Triptychs

I have always like photographic Triptychs and I have finally done on of my own, showing the stages of a Dandelion.

Morning Sun Burning Thru

I always have my camera with me and during the past week in paid off, this image was taken on my way into work, it pays to have a camera with you when the weather and light come together.

Images from March & April

I have just uploaded a gallery of images from March and April of 2010, and you can access the gallery from link below.

Infrared Gallery

I have created a Image Gallery of the first images from my Infrared converted Nikon D200. Shooting Infrared with a converted digital camera is much easier that the days of shooting Infrared film. The gallery can be accessed from link below.

The Mystic Whaler visits Athens River Front

Last weekend (April 1st & 2nd) the Mystic Whaler Schooner visited the river front here in Athens NY. I was able to get down to the river front early and took some images of the Mystic Whaler prior to it shoving off to travel north on the Hudson. The Mystic Whaler is based out of New London CT.

I have created a gallery of the images I took and gallery can be accessed from link below.