Sunday, June 20, 2010

HDR Workshop at Oakwood Cemetery Chapel

I did a HDR photography workshop hosted by the Photocenter of Troy at the Oakwood Cemetery Chapel - Crematorium in Troy NY. The Chapel was built in 1890 in memory of Gardner Earl who past away in 1887. this location was a amazing place to introduce photographers to HDR photography. I have created a image galley of photos I took from this event and the gallery can be access from link below.

Greene County Cruisers Car Show

I took some photos at the Greene County Cruisers Car Show this past Thursday (June 17th 2010) and have created a images gallery of photos I took at this show. You can access the newly uploaded gallery from link below.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tiger Lilly's

The Tiger Lilly's are starting to bloom here in Upstate New York and here are a few images I took today and did them as B&W photos. Two of them are multiple exposures, one is two exposures and the other is a five exposure image. Also included is a B&W image of young wild grapes I found growing along the road.

Ansel Adams Sky

Here in the Northeast we do know that often get what I call Ansel Adams Sky's, Blue sky with big puffy white clouds. The other week we had the right conditions and these are a couple of images I took then converted to B&W to create a digital Ansel Adams type image.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Schonowe Volunteer Fire Company Car Show

Leslie and her friends of Greyhounds as Companions attended the Schonowe Volunteer Fire Company Car Show today and I have created a image gallery form this event. You can access gallery from link below.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Leslie Enjoying the Lake

Leslie is starting to enjoy the waters of Sleepy Hollow Lake. After work nights I take Leslie for a walk down to the boat launch area of the lake and she has discovered the water now that the temperature has warmed up. I think she may want to take up scuba diving since now she will place her head under water for a few seconds at a time, think she is looking for the fish.

May 2010 Image Gallery

I have created a new image gallery of photos taken during May of 2010. You can access gallery from link below.